• For students of the participating universities.
  • Valid around the clock for six months and for an unlimited number of journeys within the entire VVS network and the entire Filsland mobility network (FMV). The StudiTicket is not transferable.
  • The period of validity is aligned with the beginning of the semester at the respective university.
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Prices StudiTicket

CoveragePricePeriod of validity
Entire network207.00Sept. - Feb.
Entire network207.00Oct. - Mar.
Entire network207.00Mar. - Aug.
Entire network207.00April - Sept.

Further Information

Where to buy the StudiTicket
  • Online (for students of many universities; matriculation number required)
  • At certain ticket offices (on presentation of a valid student card with the VVS logo, together with a network pass or polygoCard)

Tip: The easiest and fastest way to get the StudiTicket is to buy it online.

Sale of the StudiTicket begins one month in advance of the start of the ticket’s period of validity. The period of validity is aligned with the beginning of the semester at the respective university.

Participating universities

Who is entitled to buy the StudiTicket?

The VVS StudiTicket is a two-component model that involves an obligatory solidarity fee (currently € 46.40 per semester) which has to be paid by all students of the participating universities. This entitles students of the participating universities to buy the StudiTicket. The StudiTicket does not include a first-class fare for railway services and cannot be combined with a first-class supplement.

Is a polygoCard or network pass required to buy the StudiTicket?

For buying the StudiTicket online, neither a polygoCard nor a network pass is necessary. If the StudiTicket is bought at a VVS ticket office, a polygoCard or a network pass is required.

  • With a polygoCard: Abellio customer centres/agencies, DB travel centres, Go-Ahead Service centres/agencies and ticket offices of individual regional transport companies
  • With a network pass: certain ticket offices

Tip: The polygoCard and the network pass may conveniently be ordered online.

network pass

How long is the StudiTicket valid?

The StudiTicket is valid for six months, and until the end of operating hours on the last day of validity (5 am on the following day). The ticket’s period of validity must be identical to the official semester duration at the respective university.

To whom is the Connection StudiTicket available?

With the Connection StudiTicket, VVS provides an attractive offer for students of universities situated in transport associations bordering on the VVS network: HNV (transport association of Heilbronn), KVV (transport association of Karlsruhe), naldo (Neckar-Alb-Danube transport association), VPE (Pforzheim), OAM (OstalbMobil transport association) and vgf (transport community of the district of Freudenstadt). Under specific conditions the Connection StudiTicket is also offered to interns.

Which means of transport and areas are covered by the StudiTicket?

With the StudiTicket you may use all S-Bahn trains, regional trains (RB, RE, IRE), the city railway, buses, the rack railway and the funicular railway. The VVS tariff comprises Stuttgart and the surrounding districts of Böblingen, Esslingen, Ludwigsburg and the Rems-Murr district, as well as the entire Filsland mobility network (FMV).
VVS tickets are also valid on IC trains between Stuttgart and Bondorf.

What has to be considered in case of ticket control?
  • If you have a HandyTicket or a PrintTicket, you need an official identification document in addition to your ticket.
  • If you are controlled and do not carry your valid ticket with you, you can present it within one week afterwards.
  • The charge of € 60.00 is then reduced to € 7.00.
What is the price of taking along a dog?

Holders of the StudiTicket may take along a dog at no extra cost.

Car sharing for holders of the StudiTicket

With the StudiTicket, students can save a lot of money when using the car sharing system of stadtmobil Stuttgart. For a low monthly fee of € 5, a fleet of more than 450 vehicles within the region of Stuttgart alone extends their possibilities of mobility. Thanks to the cooperation with VVS, students may use the car sharing system at the standard rate while only having to pay a deposit of € 200. When the contract is concluded, an admission fee of € 50 is due.

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