How can I buy a VVS HandyTicket?

The easiest way to buy your HandyTicket is via the VVS app. You can download the app “VVS Mobil” from the AppStore or from Google Play free of charge. VVS tickets are also available via the app “DB Navigator”.

Google Play Store

In this way, you can immediately buy your VVS ticket when you retrieve timetable information.

Note: The HandyTicket must be used immediately. Cancellation or exchange are not possible.

Which tickets are available as a HandyTicket?
  • Short-distance ticket
  • Single ticket
  • Day ticket (also as a StadtTicket)
  • Group Day ticket (also as a StadtTicket)
  • Weekly ticket
  • Monthly ticket
  • 9-o’clock monthly ticket
Can I save my annual ticket/subscription in the app?

So far this is not technically possible. Subscriptions are issued on the polygoCard.

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a HandyTicket?

VVS HandyTickets can be bought via the VVS app under “Tickets” – “Tickets kaufen” when the required number of fare zones is entered. The journey must be begun immediately. We advise you to remain logged in in the app after purchase and during the whole journey so that there are no problems with displaying your ticket in case of poor reception.

Are HandyTickets transferable?

HandyTickets are not transferable because they are only valid in combination with an official identification document. However, you can buy additional HandyTickets for fellow passengers and present them in case of ticket control.

How long is the HandyTicket valid?

Single Tickets that were bought via mobile phone are valid for three hours.

How can I avoid misunderstandings in case of ticket control?

As any other ticket, the VVS HandyTicket has to be bought before you start your journey. This means that the purchase process must have been completed – not just begun – when you enter the vehicle, so that the ticket can be presented in the app immediately. Passengers are responsible for the proper functioning of their mobile devices. Please ensure the battery is sufficiently charged.

How do I receive a receipt for my travel expense report?

There are several ways to document which tickets you bought:

  • You can take a screenshot of the HandyTicket
  • Following every ticket purchase, you will receive a confirmation e-mail
  • You can retrieve the purchasing history and a receipt for all purchases within any period of time you select in the customer portal:
    > Customer portal
  • VVS tickets generally include 7 % value added tax. Invoices documenting the tax rate separately are not issued in public transport.