How to buy a ticket

Public Transit in Stuttgart and Surrounding Areas, Buses and trains operated by VVS

Tickets are valid on all forms of VVS transit. This includes S-Bahn, regional trains, streetcars and buses in the Stuttgart region.

Rail and Track Network

Please buy a ticket before travelling

You must have a valid ticket in order to use transit trains and buses. If you travel without a valid ticket, you will be fined 60 Euros. Travelling without a valid ticket may lead to charges filed against you. Children under the age of 6 travel free.

Where to buy your ticket

If you are travelling by bus, you can buy your ticket directly from the bus driver. If you are travelling by S-Bahn, regional train or streetcar, you can buy your ticket at the vending machine at the respective station. You can select a language by pressing the appropriate national flag.

The right ticket for you

If you are travelling within the city of Stuttgart, you will need a ticket for 1 zone.

If you intend to travel no more than three stops by bus or streetcar (or one stop by S-Bahn), you can also buy a short-trip ticket.

Fare zones

The HandyTicket: Download the app, register and buy tickets on your mobile phone

You can buy VVS tickets right on your mobile phone. Whether you're interested in single tickets (including short-trip) or day tickets – get your HandyTicket easily, conveniently and cashless on your mobile phone:

  • Convenient and without the wait: The HandyTicket arrives within a few seconds
  • Without cash and secure: Pay via direct debit, credit card or prepaid
  • If you buy a single ticket by mobile phone, you get a better price than if you buy at a vending machine

You will receive the HandyTicket via the VVS app or the HandyTicket app. Detailed information is available at