Get a subscription

Travel for 12 months, pay for 10 months

There are many reasons to use VVS buses and trains. One of them is affordability. With a subscription, you travel for 12 months but only pay the price of 10 monthly tickets. Moreover, you avoid traffic jams, the nerve-racking search for a parking space, high gas prices, and you're doing something for the environment.

Save up to € 420 annually with monthly direct debit

With a subscription, you get the discount for an annual ticket. And the great thing is: You can authorize monthly debit payments and save up to € 420 a year. Our subscription office will send your subscription to your home address. Start your subscription now – get an order form at one of our retail sales locations, or order online at

Subscription benefits at a glance

  • Economical: You save the price of two monthly tickets or up to € 420 annually
  • Flexible: You decide whether the subscription fee is debited monthly or annually
  • Convenient: No running about, no queuing, your subscription ticket will be sent to you on time and free of charge
  • No restrictions: With your subscription you can travel within your chosen tariff zones as often as you like
  • Friendly to the environment: Compared to driving a car, you save two thirds of CO2
  • Friendly to families: On weekends and public holidays, you can take along up to three children or all of your own children (up to 17 years old) free of charge*; if you have TicketPlus, you can also take along one adult
  • Fair: You can cancel your subscription at any time with one month notice as of the end of a calendar month. The price will be refunded or debited based on monthly ticket prices
  • Guaranteed: In case of delay or cancellation caused by VVS, if you reach your destination more than 30 minutes late, our mobility guarantee* will reimburse taxi costs up to € 35 (€ 50 in the case of TicketPlus)
  • Added value: Subscription customers have exclusive access to the VVS bonus section on with many benefits in the areas of culture, leisure and shopping

* Does not apply to the 2 PM Junior Ticket, the monthly ticket for pupils, apprentices and students, and the StudiTicket.