Deutschland-Ticket JugendBW

Travel throughout Germany for one euro a day

Young people can travel throughout Germany for one euro a day and therefore for 365 euros a year. The discounted Deutschland-Ticket for young people was introduced on 1 December 2023. The ticket combines the advantages of the Deutschland-Ticket with the favourable price of the JugendTicketBW. 

  • Valid around the clock on local transport (2nd class) throughout Germany.
  • Annual subscription with monthly debit.
  • For everyone up to and including 20 years of age.
  • For all those entitled to educational transport (school pupils, students, trainees, interns, participants in the Federal Voluntary Service or voluntary social year, etc.) with proof of age up to and including 26.
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Price Deutschland-Ticket JugendBW

Area of applicationMonthly Price
Whole Germany22,39 €* / 30,42
* For students at universities with a VVS solidarity contribution