• For S-Bahn and regional trains (RB, RE, IRE), city railway, buses, rack railway and funicular railway.
  • Valid in Stuttgart and the surrounding districts of Böblingen, Esslingen, Ludwigsburg, the Rems-Murr district and Göppingen

Single Tickets & Day Tickets

For occasional journeys.

Day Tickets

VVS Day Tickets allow you to travel particularly flexibly and affordably by bus or train for a whole day. They are available for one person or as a Group Day Ticket for up to 5 persons.

Season Tickets and Subscription

For regular and frequent journeys.

Tickets for everybody

Season tickets are ideal for regular journeys by bus or train. All means of transport within the selected zones can be used flexibly and affordably around the clock. Season tickets are available as weekly, monthly and annual tickets.

Tip: You can save even more money by purchasing a subscription.

Company Subscription

Companies or public authorities paying their employees at least a € 10 allowance per month receive twice the discount for Company Tickets from VVS (10% instead of 5%). Company Subscriptions can be ordered directly via the employer if the employer has a corresponding agreement with VVS.

Tickets for school pupils, apprentices, students and young people

Our offers for school pupils, apprentices, students, interns, FSJ and Bufdi volunteers allow young people to stay mobile at particularly low prices.

Tickets for senior citizens

With our tickets for senior citizens, persons aged 65 or older (or from the age of 60 onwards with a pension certificate) can travel at low cost and use all buses and trains very flexibly.

Tip: With an annual subscription for senior citizens, you can travel within the entire VVS network around the clock for only € 46.70 per month.

More Tickets

Tickets for overnight guests at hotels/guest houses/holiday homes and for congress/conference participants within the area of the VVS network and Combi Tickets.