Day Ticket

  • From the moment of purchase or validation, the Day Ticket is valid for one person until 7 am on the following day.
  • Valid for an unlimited number of journeys within the selected fare zones.
  • The whole city of Stuttgart and the towns in the region each require only one fare zone (€ 5 if purchased online)

Prices Day Ticket 2024

EinzelTicket Erwachsene
ZonesHandyTicket/Online Ticket Bus, ticket machine, ticket
5 and more (entire network)14,6015,60

Further information

Where to buy Day Tickets
  • Ticket machines
  • Bus drivers
  • As a HandyTicket on your mobile phone via the VVS Mobil app or as an online ticket you can print out
  • At some ticket offices

Information on buying tickets

Means of transport and areas covered by the Day Ticket
  • S-Bahn, regional trains (RB, RE, IRE), city railway, buses, rack railway and funicular railway
  • Only one fare zone (€ 5) required for the whole city of Stuttgart and each of the neighbouring towns in the region
  • Depending on the selected fare zones, the Day Ticket covers Stuttgart and the surrounding areas of Böblingen, Esslingen, Ludwigsburg and the Rems-Murr district
  • Day Tickets for the entire VVS network are also valid on buses and trains in the whole district of Göppingen

Note: VVS tickets are also valid on IC trains between Stuttgart and Bondorf.