“On-Call” Taxi Service

“On-call” taxis only run on order and mainly in areas/times of lower passenger demand. While the VVS fare applies to most “on-call” taxis, a surcharge will be added in some districts. “On-call” taxis have fixed routes and usually start from train stations and stop at bus stops as required.

Information on “on-call” taxi services/timetables is available in the electronic journey planner. Please order your “on-call” taxi 20 to 60 minutes prior to your journey (information on how many minutes in advance the respective “on-call” taxi needs to be ordered is available in the VVS app and the journey planner).

In the district of Böblingen and the Rems-Murr-district, “on-call” taxis can be ordered conveniently online via the VVS journey planner or via the VVS app. In the district of Esslingen, you will need the app “S-Shuttle Schlienz” in addition to the VVS app. You can also order an “on-call” taxi via telephone in all three districts.

Telephone number for all “on-call” taxi services: 0711 89 22 55 99

VVS journey planner

List of all “on-call” taxi lines