Ticket Check

How much do I have to pay if I do not have a valid ticket in case of ticket check?

The increased charge is € 60.00. Passengers who travel without a valid ticket repeatedly may be reported to the police.

What can I do if I am not carrying my valid ticket with me in case of ticket check?

If you are checked and are not carrying your valid network pass or polygoCard with you, you can present it within one week afterwards.

Which tickets can be presented retroactively after a ticket check?

Valid personal annual, monthly and weekly tickets and StudiTickets. Annual Tickets Plus cannot be presented afterwards because they are transferable and may have been used by another person at the same time.

Where can I present my ticket retroactively after a ticket check?

Please present your ticket at an SSB customer centre, a DB travel centre, a ticket office or an administrative office of the transport companies in the VVS area. Please bring along your valid network pass/polygoCard and the document you received from the ticket inspector.

How much do I have to pay if I present my ticket retroactively?

The increased charge of € 60.00 is reduced to € 7.00.

What can I do if the ticket machine is out of order?

All larger stations have several ticket machines which you can use. You may also consider buying a ticket via mobile phone. If there is no possibility to buy a ticket (e.g. if there is only one ticket machine at the station and it does not work), you can board your train without a ticket.

What happens at a ticket check when the ticket machine is out of order?

If the malfunction is known, the ticket inspector on the train will charge the regular fare. If the malfunction is not known, you will also be charged the regular fare; the ticket inspector will note your personal details and give you a payment request for the difference between the regular fare and the increased charge of € 60.00. If the payment request is unfounded, your data will be deleted from the database.